Welcome to the site of go4success! 

My name is Suzanne Racz, founder of  go4success.  I  have been working in education and corporate world for more than twenty five years.  I 'm a certified Life and Career Coach by Academy for Counselling & Coaching (ACC) in Amsterdam. 

I will work with you, as your personal coach,  to make the necessary changes,  but it is really ultimately up to you. The more focus and attention you put on your personal growth, the more your outer circumstances will change. In a safe environment you will connect with your own inner wisdom and allow the magnificence  - that you are  -  to unfold.

Within person centred coaching, I’m bringing together elements of different theories in my way of working. I pay attention to the mind-body-spiritual dimensions which help clients cope with anxiety and stress in general. 

If you are ready to create the life you always wanted, don't hesitate to contact me.  
I can be at your service in: English, Dutch, Hungarian and Russian.



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